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Speed up the growth of employees and boost the development of enterprises

China Foods has adhered to the concept of employee talent development. Employees receive corresponding training such as leadership, professional skills, general skills, etc. for employees at different functions and levels since entering the company so employee, customer and company would grow together.

Since its establishment, CBL has provided an accumulative total of 3.18 million hours of internal training for employees, and the annual training time is over 24 hours per employee for 10 consecutive years.

New Employee Orientation: the rich and colorful new employee training content helps them to integrate quickly after entering the company.

Leadership training: provide leadership training and succession development program by levels to ensure that each level manager can receive leadership training that matches the core competencies of that level

Profession training: provide functional profession and systematic training for the employees at all levels in the marketing position, supply chain position and function position, and help managers and staff to improve their professional capability in time

General skills training: help employees master general skills and improve professional skills through internal public courses, online learning platforms, etc.