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We provide coolers with different volumes, sizes and models to meet demands of different customers and consumers.

Coca-Cola’s coolers may provide refreshing drinking experience. Powered by efficient and environmental friendly HC refrigerant, the equipment, while ensuring excellent cooling performance, may lower energy consumption. And thanks to advanced temperature control and preservation technologies, the coolers can bring better drinking experience to consumers and help customers increase incomes and profits.

We also have dual-use coolers that can provide warm and hot drinks in the winter.

Fountain Machines

We may provide diversified fountain machines that will bring more selling opportunities to customers

We provide such services as preventive maintenance, cleaning and sterilization that comply with the quality system standards so as to ensure the product quality and efficiency.

Vending Machines

Coca-Cola’s vending machines may provide cold drinks for 24 hours a day. In the winter, some models may even provide hot drinks.

Brand-new models may support touch-screen operation and various ways of payment. Based on the conditions of selling points, they may support payment with customized membership cards.